Pharma Consulting Aachen is specialized in finding answers

to your questions and developing solutions for your problems. Our service includes

  • Writing, reviewing, and editing of preclinical reports
  • Writing of publications of clinical and preclinical studies, writing of reviews
  • preparation and evaluation of pharmacological, toxicological, and pharmacokinetic expert reports
  • documents on pharmaceutical quality
  • we provide and evaluate independent expert reports
  • Environmental risk assessment (ERA) reports, review of study designs, analysing data and writing the corresponding reports
  • Planning and monitoring of preclinical studies
  • we review the data of your drug for completeness, technical competence and scientific content. Dossiers are assembled, including Investigator’s Brochures, CTDs and IMPDs, in a critical and independent manner
  • Regulatory consulting and guidance at regulatory submission
  • Advice on strategic development
  • Drug substance analyses and drug product development
  • Where questions arise that are not covered by the group´s expertise, Pharma Consulting Aachen is supported by a network of independent specialists covering each topic
  • Experience with in silico prediction techniques; impurity qualification